Come see that clouds are something else! Witness the clouds transform. See how the clouds become dragons, angels, hearts, and other beings for me to photograph for you. Clouds Awaken also offers a Russian Pyramid which creates an energy field that can help raise your frequency and in turn help the collective source consciousness. By inviting your pure source consciousness to awaken within you, you can witness the magic of manifestation for yourself! We all hold the Universe within us, I have tapped into my source consciousness and am able to connect energetically with your higher-self. When using a pendulum and dowsing chart, I can see my Life Force Energy (CHI) reading.
Clouds Awaken


When using a pendulum and dowsing chart, I saw my Life Force Energy (CHI) increase 1000 times after meditating in my Russian Pyramid! I can read your Bovis Life Force Energy too or answer any questions your higher-self can tell you. Book a private session right here through the website!

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