Come see that clouds are something else! Witness the clouds transform. See how the clouds become dragons, angels, hearts, and other beings for me to photograph for you. Clouds Awaken also offers a Russian Pyramid which creates an energy field that can help raise your frequency and in turn help the collective source consciousness. By inviting your pure source consciousness to awaken within you, you can witness the magic of manifestation for yourself! We all hold the Universe within us, I have tapped into my source consciousness and am able to connect energetically with your higher-self. When using a pendulum and dowsing chart, I can see my Life Force Energy (CHI) reading.
Russian Pyramid

Russian Pyramid


Pyramids have been incredibly important to humanity for over 10,000 years. They are used on the top of many structures all over the world as well, with a common angle of 76.345 degrees. Research has shown that this specific angle creates an energy field; Also known as Prana, Chi, Orgone, Torsion Field, Source, etc. it has been called many things over the years but this specific shape and angle of the pyramid has very specific results in energetic terms.

  • Promotes heightened immunity
  • Increases blood platelet count
  • Improves rate of healing
  • Improves and regulates thyroid function
  • Reduces stress and cortisol levels
  • Reduces cancer (seen in mice)
  • Also great for storing and adding energy in water, food, in seeds for faster germination and a richer yield, charging crystals, and much more…

This pyramid is filled with bionized quartz sand which further amplifies the energy field!

Each Russian Pyramid is made to order, and made by me. Please allow 7-10 days for processing your order.

* Please keep in mind that these statements, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease *


Add Bionized Quartz Sand which further amplifies the energy field!


Relax and meditate or even nap in your Russian Pyramid! It is amazing for meditation and listening to solfeggio frequency music. Get cozy with lots of pillows, or use in a more traditional method with sitting poses. It is sure to provide a relaxing atmosphere, you may even fall asleep! The energy you feel from this pyramid is incredible, it can make your entire body feel like it’s vibrating.

Increase your Life Force Bioenergy using a Russian Pyramid. When using a dowsing chart, I was able to see my Life Force Energy (CHI) reading go from 100 million to 100 Billion after meditating in my Russian Pyramid. This is the highest measurement on my chart! Everyone in my household has a Life Force Energy that measures 50 million, despite not even using the pyramid. So simply having it in your house can significantly raise your frequency.

Russian pyramid geometry is based on torsion field and phi spiral research. I credit the research and how I learned of the geometry used to build these pyramids to Charlie Ziese of The Pyramid Science Foundation who spent years perfecting the angles. He found that using a height to base length ratio of 2.02 to get a 76.345 degree angle (27.309 apex angle) he could build any size pyramid he wanted. This is the angle used in many of the ancient pyramids. We also see these angles in nature every day, in the shapes of trees, groups of birds flying, bark of trees, and even seashells.

Russian Pyramids use unique Phi Geometry. As stated by Charlie Ziese of the Pyramid Science Foundation; “The procedure for determining [height to base length ratio] relationship involves stacking spheres on top each other, whose diameters decrease by Phi (1.6108). The pyramid that is constructed around these spheres has a slant angle of 76.345 degrees, which is within .245 degrees of the angle resulting from the ratio of height to base length of the Russian geometry. This difference is reconcilable when one goes from the theoretical world of geometry, which assumes objects have no height, width or depth, to the practical world of construction, where that is not the case.”

This pyramid is made out of 3/4″ white PVC pipes and connectors. It is white with lettering (lettering can be placed to face the floor and inside of the pyramid). It does not come assembled, although very easy to follow directions for simple assembly are included. Pyramids can be used inside or outside.

All in all, it stands about 6′ tall from ground to very top and the bottom width measures about 44″. This pyramid is wide enough inside to sit or lay on the floor/ground, or to hold a chair inside. The size can be described like some clothing size labels; one size fits “most”.

Additionally, we can also filled with bionized quartz sand which further amplifies the energy field. This process requires the quartz sand to be boiled and frozen multiple times, as discovered by Wilhelm Reich (he is also credited for Orgone Energy).

For more information on Russian Pyramids please see these great videos from The Pyramid Science Foundation:

The Sacred Geometry of Stargate Russian Geometry Pyramids:
Phi Geometry and The Golden Ratio:
Health Benefits of Russian Pyramids:

Pyramid includes the following pieces:
4 – Base Slip-T connectors
8 – Elbow connectors
4 – Base pipes
8 – Side pipes
4 – Couplings
4 – Caps
Zip Ties

Some simple assembly of this pyramid is required. When setting up your pyramid have one of the sides face magnetic North for the highest energy field!

* Please keep in mind that these statements, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease *

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 48 in

Filled with Bionized Sand, Bionized Sand NOT Included


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